Quality Policy at Trea Trade d.o.o.

Quality Policy at Trea Trade d.o.o.

In nearly two decades of development and activity, Trea Trade d.o.o. has achieved the recognizable reputation of a professional organization in the field of welding and flame cutting in Croatia and beyond. We are aiming to offer to customers from Croatia and neighboring countries the products of renowned world producers Lincoln Electric, Harris Calorific, FANUC, BUG-O, Hypertherm, PIERCE, Lastek, Abicor Binzel, Autogener Ritter, Holger's, Weldtech, Weldas, Trafimet and others.

The Management of the Company wants to justify the acquired business reputation, take all necessary acts to make all services even better and the customer's satisfaction greater. 

Strategic Quality Goals are:

• perform professional and impartial work, with the fulfillment of customers and regulatory requirements and expectations, while safeguarding their interest and professional ethics
• increase employees standard and motivation
• establish mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and partners in stable and long-term cooperation,

• increase the satisfaction of all those who have an interest in the successful business of the Company.
We are aware that our service customers expect high level of expertise, reliability, efficiency and reasonable pricing. The company and its employees will do everything to meet these expectations as high as possible.
The main task of the company d.o.o. is manufacturing, repairing, selling, servicing of welding equipment, gas and plasma cutting including professional training for welders. It analyzes the business needs of customers and plans, maintains, and upgrades certain solutions that will help them achieve business goals and enable more efficient management of business activities.
In our d.o.o. management we have chosen to implement the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. We will conduct a quality, environmental, health and safety policy to achieve the satisfaction of our clients while making sure that all our products / services and business processes are based on the process of quality management approaches.
The advancement of our products and services is fully ajusted to the requirements of our satisfied customers. Each employee and associate is responsible for the duties required for his / her specific job and it will be educated to perform them. The Company will ensure that external associates meet the required conditions and assume the responsibility for their work.

Customer Satisfaction is carried out by tracking the quality indicators of our business. The Society sets the responsibility for each employee to perform the assigned tasks, and thus the business goals of our society. The company strives to raise the personal standard of work and living of all our employees
Continuous monitoring of the management system and efficiency testing has enabled timely detection of non-compliance by analyzing which improvement measures are coming. Quality is implemented and controlled at each job position, employees and associates are required to contribute to quality improvement, and by developing goals and careful planning, the company and its employees fully realize this Policy.
In all its business processes, the Company thinks of environmental protection as an essential element of business. By demonstrating its ecological consciousness, it wants to build additional trust for its stakeholders, but also to signal the social environment such social responsibility. By implementing the Environmental Management System in its day-to-day work, the company demonstrates its highly developed awareness and dedication to nature and environment protection and prevention of pollution. By fulfilling the legislative legislation and setting much higher environmental goals, the company is actively working on the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.
In all its business processes, the Company follows the basic principles of health and safety at work that enable a healthy and safe environment where health and safety risks are perceived and monitored to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses. The Company is committed to meeting compliance with all requirements of laws and regulations related to health and safety at work in all areas in which it operates and meeting the requirements of relevant international standards by implementing continuous improvement programs for all employees at all levels within the organization.
Integrated policy as a fundamental system document and declarations of commitment to quality and the environment and continuous progress is publicly announced and enables all interested parties to get acquainted with the attitudes of society.

Viškovo, October 1, 2017.
Director Trea Trade d.o.o.
Zdravko Švab, dipl.ing.str.

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