Rental of welding equipment

Buying welding equipment is not the ideal solution for each of our customers. Some customers don’t need to use machines throughout the working hours, but only a few hours or days making them ideal for renting welding equipment.
We rent equipment for a period of one day or more. Equipment can be rented by individuals who need temporary welding equipment for private use, not only big workshops or customers. Prior to making a decision about renting or buying welding equipment, it is most important to estimate the percentage of equipment used. If this percentage  does not exceed 60-70% then the best solution is renting of equipment. The rental cost can be considered a well-done job and a viable investment, given the consequent efficiency and profitability that is achieved.
If you are thinking of purchasing certain equipment, renting the same equipment gives you the ability to test the quality and technical features of the equipment before the final purchase process. By renting equipment to our trusted business partners and customers, we achieve the trust and quality assurance of our offer and assortment of products.
The welding equipment we offer for rent is: 
- All types of electro-welding machines (Lincoln Electric)
- Semi-automated / Automated Welding (BUG-O, Cypress)
- Automated machines for horizontal (girth welders) and vertical (vertomatic) welding (BUG-O, Ransome)
- Induction and electro-resistance-heating (Ransome)- Gas / Plasma Cutting Equipment (Harris, Hypertherm)
- Beams / Rollerss / Positioners (Ransome, KeyPlant, BUG-O)
- Extraction equipment (Holgers AS/Reglo)
- other welding and cutting equipment.
We come to meet all of our customer requests with the ultimate goal of your satisfaction. If you are considering renting specific welding equipment, visit us at our hall or contact us to arrange all details and conditions of rental!

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